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full_house_rate's Journal

The First LJ Full House Rating Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the BRAND NEW First LJ Full House Rating Community,
Which character are you?
Bare with me while I get everything ready, anyone want to be my co-mod or help with graphics let me know!!
~contact the mod: arowanbug

You must join to post, you don't have to be stamped to vote on others applications
Please include at least 2 pictures (under a lj-cut) and no nudity!
Fill out Application after joining
Be nice and respectful, you can be banned.
Applications will be stamped after 10 votes or two weeks
Have Fun!
After stamped you may post Icons, Fan-fics, etc if related to TV shows, Full house or its actors (Bob Saget, Olsen twins etc..)
You can promote another community after you are stamped.
Please lets keep this site "PG" rated!
If you don't like your stamp re-apply at least one week after original application (little inside info, go through the application and make sure your answers sound like you, also try different pictures!)
Also when voting please give at least one reason for that vote!

Age: (must be over 13)
Describe yourself in Five words:
Favorite Episode of Full House:
Favorite Food (and why):
Anything Else you'd like to share?:
Promote in 2 places: (Place Links here)
Favorite Color (and why):
Favorite Movie (and why):
Favorite Book (and why):
Favorite Music (type, bands, songs):